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Learn To Play – Robotics Games For Kids
Learn To Play – Robotics Games For Kids

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn”
– O. Fred Donaldson
Playing is an integral part of childhood. It plays a crucial role in the physical and mental development of a child. A child can discover themselves, find what is interesting, be physically fit and feed their curious brains at the same time. Playing is the earliest experience of the real world that a kid can have. Kids can learn a lot from playing like winning, losing, teamwork, communication, logical thinking, and many more skills. Subconsciously, the goal of playing is to connect different aspects of a child’s life like home, school, social circle and society. They will gain a better understanding of all these aspects over time just through playing.

As adults, we need to treat playtime as their right and provide them with the necessary resources (within logical and practical expectations) by recognizing their interest, initiating the process of learning through play and guiding them through the path they choose to take. Parents can do that by encouraging them to ask questions, forcing them to think differently and asking stupid, ridiculous and out-of-the-box questions that will leave them thinking. It is also important for parents to give their children time and space to explore their thoughts and gather their experience and skills so that they can think freely. Learning through play is a kind of adventure for kids.

They’re free to do anything as long as they obey the rules of the game. This will teach us to obey the law and obey the rules of an institution but also give them the thought of questioning why the rule is in place and why we need to follow them. Playing with toys can be a process of self-discovery for kids. If they are exposed to different toys, they can explore many more fields too. Toys that are educational and fun can spark joy in them because of how fun that is and it can also spark joy in parents because they are actually learning something and they are happy. Playing with toys can also inspire kids to try many different things and look at the world from a different perspective. Inventors and Scientists are the only people excluding kids who have the ability to look at the world with a different set of eyes, ask questions about it and have the courage to find the answers.

If parents can feed their curiosity and help them find answers, they can be highly creative thinkers in the future. Robotics toys and games for kids are educational and a lot of fun for numerous reasons. As kids are naturally curious, making them interested in robotics with the help of robotics toys can be very easy. As robotics is not taught in schools and you can teach your kids robotics from a young age by gifting them with robotics toys. There are numerous advantages of playing with robotics toys too. Kids get a first-hand experience on concept-based learning and hands-on learning experience. In concept-based learning, kids are exposed to the concepts of a subject by directly making them experience it in real time. For example, Blix can explain robotics by introducing them to robotics kits.

This kind of engagement while learning makes the concept clearer and kids will gain some practical knowledge about robotics. Robotics toys can be a very good catalyst when it comes to intermixing learning with fun. Robotics games can boost a kid’s creative thinking ability as robotics is a highly creative field. Kids need to think creatively to approach a solution or to build a robot. Creativity can be an acquired skill if a kid is exposed to thinking creatively from a young age. Robotics games can also teach them to deal with criticism and to take it positively. As the robotics field is very vast and people are bound to make mistakes, they can happen with kids too and robotics games give them an opportunity to take advice from people who already know the game and be successful the next time.Robotics games are joyful and stress-busting. Playing should be a necessity for kids and not a luxury. A household, a school, society should encourage playing and see it as the cognitive and motor development of kids and not as a nuisance.Blix Robotics has a range of robotics toys for kids from ages 5 to 15.

Robotics is now a subject that your kid can learn at the condor of your home and have fun while learning. With Blix Robotix, kids can learn robotics, build them, program them and play with them unleashing a wide range of skills on their way. To know more visit Blix.

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