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How to Develop Logical Thinking in Children?
How to Develop Logical Thinking in Children

Logical thinking is one of the most essential skills one needs to be successful in school and in life. Even as adults we often find ourselves in situations where we need our logical thinking skills to get an answer. Logical thinking skills for kids are not much different.

Let us explore some ways in which we can help the kids develop this much-required skill in this blog:


Children can only develop logical thinking skills by gaining experience, through the method of trial and error. Letting them make mistakes will only make them improve their skills through logical thinking. There are many games and toys which can help kids in improving their logical thinking skills too.

Children learn when they make mistakes, and mistakes only happen when they are allowed to take risks. Taking risks should be encouraged to help them improve their logical thinking skills. When they know they are wrong, they will start to reason with the problems they are facing and think of another solution based on the clues and hints left out by the mistakes they made previously.

Toys and Games

Toys and games can especially help them with logical thinking skills. Children by nature are very curious. By the age of 5, they start to observe and reason with their surroundings. Gaining the power to reason is the first step to thinking logically. Kids love to prove that they are smart, so give them fun riddles to solve. They serve as good opportunities for your kid to develop logical thinking skills.

Toys and games that involve objects like jigsaw puzzles and risking their chance at proving they are smart can be good motivators for them to reason with their surroundings and find logical solutions. By playing outside, they can be more creative and find logical and creative ways to utilize their surrounding objects.

Open-Ended Questions and Stories

Exposing them to open-ended stories and asking them open-ended questions will open a new world of possibilities for your kids. Logical thinking skills for kids will also improve if they are given a chance to interpret the questions and stories as they wish.


We can encourage them to think logically by giving examples of our own life experiences. We can also ask their opinion about events that made the news and we can also provide fun riddles and quizzes for them to explore this skill by themselves.

We need to receive their opinion with an open mind and try not to dismiss their opinion right away. This helps the kid to present their opinion without the fear of being judged or being accepted encouraging them to improve their logical thinking skills.

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