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Benefits of Learning Robotics at Young Age

STEAM education is a relatively new education curriculum that is being adopted by more and more schools by the day. As the schools are giving importance to all-round education of children, it has become extremely important for kids to learn through hands-on learning methods. Robotics is that one subject where kids can enjoy learning by doing work. Learning and teaching robotics is a prime example of the hands-on learning method.

If the kids show interest in robotics, it can be a lot of fun, educational and beneficial. Robotics is a complex subject with the knowledge required from various STEAM fields to accomplish a task. Creating and building something is what gets the kids going because it stimulates their brains and leaves them wanting to learn and do more. Most adults fail to recognize this urge to do something in kids and wait for the time for kids to outgrow them, but there are numerous advantages of learning robotics at a young age. Some of the advantages are listed below-

Improves Creative Thinking

Robotics is a very challenging subject and requires a high amount of creative thinking to achieve the goal at hand. Creativity, innovation, and imagination are the key factors in determining the skill of creative thinking in kids which will help them in the future too. If anyone tells you that creative thinking skill is something people are born with and cannot be achieved through practice, they are wrong. Creative thinking can be an acquired skill too. By regularly doing activities that require creative thinking, one can achieve the skill can carry it on through their life. But it is important that they start at a young age.

Giving and Taking Constructive Criticism

As kids’ lives progress, criticism becomes a part of their life. It is important for them to learn to deal with it and move forward. Many adults today have difficulty when it comes to dealing with criticism. By learning robotics, kids get exposed to constructive criticism more often and learn to take it positively and not let it affect their mental health in a negative way. They will grow to understand their own flaws and try to work towards their flaws to better themselves because they want their project to work and stand out among their peers.

Improves Teamwork

As you probably know, building a robot requires knowledge in various STEAM fields. More often than not, we find people who are experts in one of the STEAM fields, and people from different fields come together to achieve a common goal. This part of learning robotics helps them in building a team and working with others. Working as a team is also very beneficial in improving their communication skills and other social skills.

Improves Focus and Attention to Detail

Robotics requires hands-on learning. Learning through doing is what makes robotics unique. So, while learning robotics kids often have to work on instruments and materials for building a robot. Practicing regularly can improve their focus and they will learn to give attention to tiny details and avoid silly mistakes.

Helps in Building a Bright Future

Building a robot requires knowledge in artificial intelligence(AI), programming, electronics, and engineering, all of which are on the rise with the advancement of technology. So, it is safe to say that people with expertise in robotics will have numerous opportunities in the future. A lot of jobs will be created in research and development, industries, space exploration, medicine, military, etc. Someone who is a robotics graduate is guaranteed to have an interesting and enjoyable career.


Robotics is a constantly growing field and becoming more and more demanding by the day. Kids can enjoy robotics as it is exciting and does not limit the learning to a classroom. The future is full of opportunities for kids interested in robotics. Kids can immerse themselves in robotic learning and benefit from it throughout their life. It does not only provide subject knowledge but also provides social skills, critical and creative thinking skills too. Immersing themselves in an activity like robotics can also help the kids in discovering themselves: their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, their interests and hobbies, etc.

Robotics can help children make their own future. Blix Robotix for kids can help them in achieving their goals. Their Hands-on teaching approach and friendly instructors make sure that the kids have fun while learning from a very young age. Blix offers sets for kids from ages5 to 17.

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