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Top 5 Educational Games for Kids in 2022

Children nowadays are always on their phones or computers. Especially now, at the time of the pandemic where the schools are shut down and all the classes are shifted online. Kids need to relearn how to live without phones and the internet all the time. By the shift seen in the education system, kids education during the pandemic has affected the children’s motor skills development, they lack social skills and the kids are rarely seen with their eyes off screens. 

Kids who are losing interest in learning is increasing by the day and this is mainly due to the fact that teaching online can not instil the interest in learning for kids as offline learning. There is so much a teacher can do while teaching offline, it feels like they are teaching with one hand tied behind their backs while teaching online. Parents can help in the learning process by getting educational games for kids that can instil the love for learning and gain the skills that the online education process. Some of the educational games for kids are mentioned in this blog. 

Building blocks

Kids in kindergarten and primary school can enjoy building block a little too much. Building blocks are engaging, they help the kids in developing motor skills, problem-solving and creative thinking. Educational toys for kids like building blocks can improve kids’ spatial awareness and improve their reasoning skills. There are also researches that suggest the ability to solve complex tasks with building blocks is linked to greater mathematical ability in kids. So playing with blocks can improve kids’ mathematical skills too. 


Scrabble is a board game that can greatly improve a kid’s language and communication skills. But scrabble is not a game that solely focuses on words and spellings, different words have a different history, usage and origin. By learning new words kids can also learn about the history of the language and the world. While playing scrabble kids need to concentrate on the words at hand and the words on the board, this will greatly improve their concentration skills. 

Robotics Toys

Just like with building blocks, these educational toys for kids have all the advantages of playing with building blocks and many more. Robotics toys provide a foundation in science and technology from a young age. Robotics toys promote STEAM education that is being followed by many schools nowadays. With the help of robotics toys, kids can really have an overall development. These educational toys for kids improve their motor skills, communication skills, teach them how to deal with criticism, it teaches them school subjects like physics, mathematics and programming. 


Jenga has been around a long time and the longevity of the game speaks volumes of the engagement, enjoyment and skills included to play the game. Jenga is a classic game of balance and serves as great fun and teach the kids so much. Kids learn the strategy and develop fine motor skills while playing Jenga. They also improve their concentration skills since it is a highly competitive game and victory should be an absolute for whoever is playing the game. 


And saving the best for the last, Chess. Chess is probably the oldest board game to ever exist. Playing chess can greatly improve children’s visual memory and concentration. As kids visualise the moves, they need to remember and picture counter moves for their opponent and that needs concentration. As Chess is a game of problem-solving, Chess can improve mathematical skills in kids as well. Chess is a great visual game, it improves logical, critical and creative thinking skills. And most importantly it teaches kids about wins and losses. 

As there is a growing number of educational toys for kids out in the world today, Blix Robotics also offers robotics toys kits for all the kids that enrol in their online classes. This online robotics learning platform caters to all the needs of kids who are willing to learn robotics. The fun and encouraging instructors make sure kids maintain their interest in the subject and help them gain the skills required with hands-on learning

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