The Importance of Educational Toys in Early Years of Childhood

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The Importance of Educational Toys in Early Years of Childhood

Encouraging children to play with learning toys can immensely help them enhance their cognitive skills and critical thinking and help them improve intellectual and motor skills. Children love to surround themselves with toys and as parents, wouldn’t we love to fill up our houses with toys that our little ones love?  While we do that, introducing learning toys and toys that require physical activity will help them enhance their senses, spark their imagination and improve their social skills. 

If you are wondering why and how these educational toys for 5 year olds can help them in real life, this blog will give all the information you need to know.

Helps in Boosting Their IQ

Educational toys for 5 year olds are designed to time the kids to think and play, improve memorisation skills, hand-eye coordination and increase literacy. When kids play with these learning toys, they challenge their brains in ways traditional studying could not do. 

For example, if a child is playing with puzzles and jigsaws, they will automatically think ahead and start planning where to start a puzzle, how to move forward and how the final piece is going to look. They also need to focus with all their attention and energy on the task in front of them and with time they will need these skills in real life and educational toys for 5 year olds can improve their problem-solving skills and creative thinking skills. 

Social and Emotional Intelligence

With the help of educational toys for 5 year olds, they can improve their social skills by taking on some role-playing skills. Role-playing can put the kids through so many social situations where they need to show social skills like sharing, team playing, waiting, leading etc. putting the kids in these social situations can also help them in showing empathy, caring for others and understanding people’s emotions.

Spark That Dormant Creativity and Imagination

Educational toys for 5 year olds can not only help them in learning but also help them instil the ability to think creatively. Children by nature are very curious. When we can help them direct their curiosity and energy, they can be more creative and find creative ways to utilise their surrounding objects. Educational toys for 5 year olds provide them with a safe and supervised surrounding where they can explore their creativity, and enjoy the process of learning at the same time. 

Development and Coordination of Senses

There are different educational toys for 5 year olds that help develop different senses. Commonly educational toys for 5 year olds concentrate on the sense of touch, sense of sight and sense of hearing. Bright and colourful educational toys for 5 year olds can help them with their sense of sight. A jigsaw puzzle can help them in improving their hand-eye coordination. Learning toys like xylophones can help them improve their sense of hearing and help them distinguish between sounds. 

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Blix teaches robotics to kids with the help of learning toys and experienced teachers who love to interact and engage the kids in various educational activities. These Robotics courses are for kids from ages 5 to 17. With the help of Blix, children can learn, have fun and thrive to be a better version of themselves with the help of peers and instructors from an early age. 

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