Create easy and safe electrical circuits, experiment with real components like LED’s, buzzers, motors, capacitors, switches, resistors, etc., and have fun with electricity!
9-13 Years
10 Hours
22 Experiments
  • Electricity & Electric Circuit
  • Resistance & Resistors
  • Open & Closed Circuits
  • Ohm's Law
  • Conductors & Insulators
  • Voltage-Current in Series & Parallel
  • Digital Electronics
  • Light, Power, Sound, Forms of Energy
  • Capacitors, Motors, Voltage Dividers & Potentiometer


Group Class (3:1)
(₹ 899.9 per class)

Create easy and safe electrical circuits, experiment with real components like LED’s, buzzers

Course Overview

The Blix E-circuits course is designed to allow kids a safe and highly engaging experience in the world of electricity. During the Blix E-circuits course, they’ll perform more than 45 experiments. The experiments are fun and make this learning experience seem more like play.

They’ll experiment with real electronics components and understand what terms like Volts, Amperes, Watts, Current, etc. really mean. With the help of this electrical circuits course for kids, they’ll go to the practical level of understanding how to read an electricity bill or what the fine specifications on our chargers mean. The world of electricity is filled with magic, and with the Blix E-Circuits course, we will uncover all its secrets.

What’s inside the box?

This course includes a fully functional construction toolkit.
E Circuits Box

E-Circuits Develops


What Parents say

testimonial quote

I can’t remember how I found Blix on an Instagram page and today my child is completely loving it. I, as a mother who didn’t help him in science, robotics, or coding. But, Blix is doing really really good to him. Now, he is doing the second module with blix and he has stopped playing games on iPad or PS. I didn’t have to stop him, I just shifted him towards Blix

- Mrs. Samriti Kapoor
Parent of 12-year-old
testimonial quote

Burhanuddin has gone through various free sessions of different coding classes but it never struck me that this is what I want him to do. But when I came across Blix I found that it is a hands-on experience. The child is actually doing something! Plus it is building his knowledge. I researched Blix on the internet and I decided that this is something I will give my child as a gift.

- Mrs. Zainab
Parent of an 8-year-old
testimonial quote

When I went through the courses of Blix, Akshit was really keen on learning robotics, AI, and ML. This propelled me to get in touch with you and when I received the Kit, I was expecting it to be a normal online available robotics kit but it was a well-designed kit with the construction set. Then my child started the live sessions and followed every challenge to build the robots. He enjoyed making line followers and many more amazing machines.

- Dr. Manoranjan
Parent of a 10-year-old
testimonial quote

We found it really interesting to learn with Blix. I, myself love electronics and wanted to introduce it to my child. I planned to teach it with different sets to my child but I couldn’t do it. But, with Blix, it was much easier to introduce. When the live classes started, my child got more excited and interested in learning about electronics.

- Mr. Harish
Parent of a 7-year-old

Course Breakdown

Session 1: Introduction

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Make your first electric circuit and understand about open & Closed Circuits.(2 experiments)

Session 2: Voltage and Current

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Learn about voltage and current while doing experiments for conductors and insulators.

(2 experiments)

Session 3: Water Overflow Indicator

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Discover the concept of polarity, diode, LED, and make a water overflow indicator.(2 experiments)

Session 4: Doorbell and sound

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Know about sound, energy, and design circuits for a doorbell.(3 experiments)

Session 5: Home wiring

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Try different circuits with series and parallel connections.(2 experiments)

Session 6: Secret codes and Potentiometer

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Learn about the Morse codes, make the setup with the components and pass the secret messages to your friends. Experiment more with the potentiometer and understand its working.(2 experiments)

Session 7: Resistors and Capacitors

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Do you know what is a resistor? Learn about resistance and capacitance while using the components in different combinations of circuits.(2 experiments)

Session 8: Resistance, capacitance in series-parallel

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What would be the effect of resistance and capacitance in a series or parallel circuit? Let’s try them all.(4 experiments)

Session 9: Motor and Dynamo

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Try different experiments with motor, convert it into a dynamo and explore.(3 experiments)

Session 10: LDR Sensor

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Experiment with the light-dependent resistor and create a reflection detector.(2 experiments)

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