Build 20+ machines with powerful mechanisms!
8-14 Years
10 Hours
10 Machines
  • Motion
  • Types Of Motions
  • Speed-Displacement-Time
  • Energy-Power-Force-Work
  • Simple Machines
  • Linkage
  • Rack & Pinion
  • Power Screw
  • Kinematic Pair


Group Class (3:1)
(₹ 899.9 per class)

Build 20+ machines with powerful mechanisms!

Course Overview

This course makes it easier for children to understand the basics of Physics. The concepts that they learn helps them throughout their learning process in science concepts. Children build complex machines and mechanisms and see the advantage of one over the other. Moreover, they develop tremendous creator confidence in imagining and executing the output of their machine.

What’s inside the box?

This course includes a fully functional construction toolkit.

Discovering Motions Develops


What Parents say

I can’t remember how I found Blix on an Instagram page and today my child is completely loving it. I, as a mother who didn’t help him in science, robotics, or coding. But, Blix is doing really really good to him. Now, he is doing the second module with blix and he has stopped playing games on iPad or PS. I didn’t have to stop him, I just shifted him towards Blix

- Mrs. Samriti Kapoor
Parent of 12-year-old

Burhanuddin has gone through various free sessions of different coding classes but it never struck me that this is what I want him to do. But when I came across Blix I found that it is a hands-on experience. The child is actually doing something! Plus it is building his knowledge. I researched Blix on the internet and I decided that this is something I will give my child as a gift.

- Mrs. Zainab
Parent of an 8-year-old

When I went through the courses of Blix, Akshit was really keen on learning robotics, AI, and ML. This propelled me to get in touch with you and when I received the Kit, I was expecting it to be a normal online available robotics kit but it was a well-designed kit with the construction set. Then my child started the live sessions and followed every challenge to build the robots. He enjoyed making line followers and many more amazing machines.

- Dr. Manoranjan
Parent of a 10-year-old

We found it really interesting to learn with Blix. I, myself love electronics and wanted to introduce it to my child. I planned to teach it with different sets to my child but I couldn’t do it. But, with Blix, it was much easier to introduce. When the live classes started, my child got more excited and interested in learning about electronics.

- Mr. Harish
Parent of a 7-year-old

Course Breakdown

Session 1: Rectilinear Motion


Learn about how to construct and dismantle with Blix.
Experience the Rectilinear motion by constructing your first car.

Session 2: Rotational And Circular Motion


Make a Giant Wheel with a gear system to understand Circular motion and Rotational motion.

Session 3: Oscillatory Motion


Make a motorized swing to understand types of Periodic motion.

Session 4: Reciprocating Motion


Make a working replica of a Power press machine to experience the conversion of motion by using gears and links.

Session 5 :Mechanisms: Linkages


Make a cool Robot that waves its hands by using the concept of Links and Joints.

Session 6 : Mechanisms: Crank And Slider


Build a Powder pounding machine that uses a crank and slider mechanism to give the desired output.

Session 7 : Mechanisms: Cam And Follower


Learn how the Valves of an IC engine works by constructing the Cam and follower mechanism.

Session 8 : Mechanisms: Gear


Learn about gears, how are they used to increase or decrease speed. Make a geared car that will be 3 times faster than the Basic car we built in session 1. Also, construct a Dual Axle Gear Box to vary Torque and feel the difference.

Session 9 : Mechanisms: Power Screw, Rack, and Pinion

Make a Scissor Lift with a power screw mechanism and a Lift with a rack and pinion mechanism, to understand how they are different in their force and speeds. Understand the relationship between Energy – Power – Force – Work and understand how they are distinct from each other. Simple machines are taught with a real screw, wheel and axle, and lever.

Session 10 : Geared Car 1-2


Finally, make a Gear changing car that can shift from 1st to 2nd gear and change the speed-torque.

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