Code your robots and machines to interact with the surrounding!
9-16 Years
16 Hours
16 Robots
  • Programming
  • Microcontroller- Arduino Nano
  • System Design
  • Industrial Application of Robots
  • IR Sensor
  • Limit Switch
  • Input-compute-output.


Group Class (3:1)
(₹ 1124.9 per class)

Code your robots and machines to interact with the surrounding!

Course Overview

We all know the importance of learning to code. Coding gives a new perspective to problem-solving and develops skills that are essential in the 21st century. But to learn to code, sitting in front of the computer the whole day is no fun at all.

Creating and building with your hands improves dexterity, confidence when interacting with actual machines and objects in our daily lives. It also builds confidence to solve real-life problems.

So, we at Blix with our deep experience are producing world-class toys, developed the Boffin ecosystem. This combines construction activities and coding to help one become an innovator in the true sense.

Boffin is developed around the Arduino Nano microcontroller that adds brain and computing power to our already existing Blix Robotics products. Boffin also comes with peripheral boards which act as inputs and outputs to the mainboard and they are the medium through which the Blix parts can interact with the environment.

What’s inside the box?

This course includes a fully functional construction toolkit.

Boffin II Develops


What Parents say

I can’t remember how I found Blix on an Instagram page and today my child is completely loving it. I, as a mother who didn’t help him in science, robotics, or coding. But, Blix is doing really really good to him. Now, he is doing the second module with blix and he has stopped playing games on iPad or PS. I didn’t have to stop him, I just shifted him towards Blix

- Mrs. Samriti Kapoor
Parent of 12-year-old

Burhanuddin has gone through various free sessions of different coding classes but it never struck me that this is what I want him to do. But when I came across Blix I found that it is a hands-on experience. The child is actually doing something! Plus it is building his knowledge. I researched Blix on the internet and I decided that this is something I will give my child as a gift.

- Mrs. Zainab
Parent of an 8-year-old

When I went through the courses of Blix, Akshit was really keen on learning robotics, AI, and ML. This propelled me to get in touch with you and when I received the Kit, I was expecting it to be a normal online available robotics kit but it was a well-designed kit with the construction set. Then my child started the live sessions and followed every challenge to build the robots. He enjoyed making line followers and many more amazing machines.

- Dr. Manoranjan
Parent of a 10-year-old

We found it really interesting to learn with Blix. I, myself love electronics and wanted to introduce it to my child. I planned to teach it with different sets to my child but I couldn’t do it. But, with Blix, it was much easier to introduce. When the live classes started, my child got more excited and interested in learning about electronics.

- Mr. Harish
Parent of a 7-year-old

Course Breakdown

Session 1: Advanced Line Follower

  • Multi – sensor interface (2 sensors)
  • Introduction to multiple input truth tables
  • Coding paradigm based on truth tables
  • Creative challenges to hone programming and construction skills
  • Advantages of using multiple inputs

Session 2: Automatic Garage Door

  • Multi-sensor interface (4 sensors)
  • Introduction to safety in systems
  • Learning rack and pinion mechanism
  • Motor control
  • Value based actions

Session 3: Pet Bot

  • Introduction to Ultrasonic sensor
  • Principle of working of ultrasonic sensor used in Ultrasound machines, SONAR etc
  • Controlling motors based on ultrasonic data
  • Correlating physics formula with the operation of the sensor

Session 4: RPM counter

  • Using sensor to count data
  • Introduction to timers
  • Calculation of RPM
  • String manipulation

Session 5: Automated Food Dispenser

  • Introduction to servo motor
  • Servo motor control
  • Using rack and pinion mechanism to control flow of material
  • Safety interlocks
  • Real-time setting of quantity

Session 6: X-Y table

  • X-Y table application in industries
  • Correlating understanding of graphs and movement in 2D space
  • Multi-sensor and multi-output interfacing and control
  • Clear understanding of machines like VMC, CNC, 3D printers, gantry cranes

Session 7: Anemometer

  • Introduction to weather station build
  • Using RPM based data to calculate wind speed
  • learning the mathematics behind converting circular motion to linear motion
  • How to code mathematical formulae?
  • Build your own wind measuring device

Session 8: Industrial Lift

  • Using rack and pinion mechanism to lift loads
  • Automating the lift to work on its own
  • Learn about safety
  • Multi-output system

Session 9: Industrial Lift with Lever

  • Creating joystick using BLIX
  • Using joystick as the input to the system
  • Tinkering with joystick values

Session 10: Servo Swing

  • Controlling servo motors
  • Tinkering servo motors
  • Wait..until code paradigm
  • Servo smoothing using for..loops

Session 11: TBF

  • Vehicle turning mechanism
  • Castor wheels
  • Single sensor algorithm development
  • Path identification

Session 12: TBF

  • Multi-sensor integration
  • Flow of program
  • Safety
  • Real-life example

Session 13: TBF

  • Counters in industries
  • Avoiding false triggering
  • Industry oriented example

Session 14: TBF

  • Mathematical knowledge to building models
  • Precision control
  • Gear mechanism

Session 15: TBF

  • Digital communication between devices
  • The flow of data between computer and Boffin
  • Decision-based programming
  • Adding human intervention to automatic systems

Session 16: TBF

  • Introduction to music blocks
  • Learning about tones and music frequencies
  • Creating electronic music

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