The Blix E-circuits robotics for kids is designed to allow kids a safe and highly engaging experience in the world of electricity. With one of the best robotics for kids, they’ll experiment with real electronics components and understand what terms like Volts, Amperes, Watts, Current, etc. really mean. With the help of these electrical circuits for kids, they’ll go to the practical level of understanding how to read an electricity bill or what the fine specifications on our chargers mean. The world of electricity is filled with magic.

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Key Description

The Blix E- Circuits kit will cover 9 extremely important scientific concepts that will help your child get their grip on electronics and more! The concepts they will learn include Electricity & Electric Circuit, Resistance & Resistors, Open & Closed Circuits, Ohm’s Law, Conductors & Insulators, Voltage-Current in Series & Parallel, Digital Electronics, Light, Power, Sound, Forms of Energy, and Capacitors, Motors, Voltage Dividers & Potentiometer.


45+ experiments
25+ Topics