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How Robotics Toys Encourage STEAM Learning?

STEAM Education

Previously called STEM education, in STEAM education arts have also been observed to be an integral part of the changes technology makes in all of our lifestyles. In STEAM education, the integration of arts with the previous STEM fields namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has made the learning process more fun and more educative at the same time. 

STEAM education lets kids explore the world, find new interests and improve them. STEAM education also makes kids genuinely interested in learning and choosing a career in STEAM fields that suit them and not because of peer pressure or reluctance. 

Robotics is one of the subjects that perfectly balances all the STEAM fields and robotics for kids opens numerous opportunities for the kids’ future. Many industries across the world are using robots for numerous reasons like efficiency, precision, saving money in the long run, no labour costs to bear, etc., and soon enough there will be a huge increase of opportunities in the robotics field. Robotics toys can be the best gift kids can expect if they are enthusiastic about robotics. Robotics toys can help them with many things. Let us go through some of them in this blog.

It Introduces Kids to STEAM Fields

The first and foremost thing robotics toys can do is introduce them to the world of STEAM fields. Robotics is a complex subject and it requires knowledge in multiple fields. Robotics toys teach them science. Building a robot requires knowledge in physics to know the working principles behind a robot. Robotics toys teach them technology. They have to know about technology and the latest technological developments if they want to keep up with the ever-changing world. 

Robotics toys are great to introduce them to engineering and mathematics too. If kids show interest in building things, which is what engineering is really. Robotics toys are the perfect tools for them to start exploring the field. 

And lastly, Arts. Many people may think that arts have got nothing to do with robotics and that’s where they are wrong. The design of a robot is related to art. Without proficiency in arts, it becomes difficult to design an efficiently working robot. 

Apart from teaching them subjects, robotics for kids can also help them in developing many social skills like-

Communication and Teamwork

As robotics needs proficiency in multiple subjects, people pursuing robotics often find themselves in situations where they need to team up with other people to accomplish the task at hand. By working as a team, kids become good at communicating their thoughts and ideas in a group. Their communication and social skills sharpen as they are learning robotics

Creative and Critical Thinking

Robotics is a subject where it becomes necessary to learn by doing. Hands-on learning can improve the kids’ concentration, attention to detail and they become good at thinking on their feet. Creativity is a crucial element for anyone who is pursuing a career in STEAM fields, let alone robotics. Robotics toys can spark the creative side of the brain in kids. 

Confidence and Better Performance at School

Robotics for kids can instill a feeling of confidence in them because even if it is the smallest amount of progress, it is still progress and they can see it. Progressing in an interesting field can help greatly in boosting confidence. Robotics toys introduce them to the concept of criticism. They learn to take criticism and use it for constructive purposes. This is also one of the reasons why they are confident because they know they can make mistakes and improve them. 

As robotics for kids is still not a full-fledged subject at school. Kids learn so many concepts that are being taught at school beforehand if they are attending a robotics course. They start performing better at school because they actually enjoy learning with the help of robotics toys.


Robotics toys act as a tool to have fun and learn something new and informative at the same time. Robotics toys provide the simulation with a kid’s brain need to keep themselves interested and engaged. Blix Robotix offers robotics courses for kids from ages 5 to 17 and provides them with robotics toy kits so that they can practise in their own time. They have numerous courses that can suit your kid’s wants and needs.

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