1. Why join a STEM or Robotics course?

We all are aware of the inadequacies of the current education system to prepare our children for the future. Some progressive schools have realized this and are making efforts to create opportunities for children to develop their problem solving, reasoning, and cognitive skills even though it is not prescribed by the board. Growth of technology and artificial intelligence is going to make many jobs obsolete. Therefore, we need to create competencies in our children, which are difficult to reproduce through machines.

2. How does it benefit children with their regular studies?

The BLIX program is designed to induce holistic self-learning. When they build robots and machines, they are performing mathematics, but not with the focus on mathematics. It is one part of their overall project. It really builds their learning capabilities as a whole, which makes it fun, exciting, and more impactful. In addition, it develops the skills that help them do better in their regular studies.

3. Is it linked to their school curriculum?

Absolutely. We focus on the basics of science and technology, which is something that every child learns multiple times at different levels in schools. Topics, such as light, sound, electric circuit, force, and even mathematics are fundamental to education, and we focus on these topics as well. It will enhance their school performance because now, not only will they be equipped to reproduce the knowledge but they will also have a deep understanding of the subject that can only come through experiential learning.

4. What happens if my child loses some pieces?

All our spares are available online. Clicking this link https://zephyrtoys.com/spares?category=15&search-spare= will take you to the page from where you can buy whatever spares you need. The main benefit of having access to spares is that children eventually want to build their own projects with their own creative ideas. Usually, if some pieces fall short, it becomes difficult to buy a whole new set to get access to those parts. Spares allow them to buy only what they need.

5. What do we do with the set once the course is completed?

Once the course is completed, the real exciting part begins. The children start building their own projects because the kit is designed specifically for this purpose by being extremely versatile. Besides, we will upload challenges that they can take part in with their kit and be continuously involved with the community.

6. Is the plastic used in the Blix sets environment friendly?

The plastic in the Blix sets is 100 percent safe for use and completely recyclable, which includes the plastic used for the bag.