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Best Educational Games For Kids in 2022

Kids have an indispensable amount of energy at all times, it may be physical or mental. But as long as they are trapped inside the home due to the covid-19 pandemic, they can not go out and exhaust their energy. They roam around the house, mess things up, eat your brains, dirty up the walls and rooms and as long as they do not find a way to dispense this immense energy they carry all the time, they are going to raise hell in the house. 

There are many activities you can do with your kids or just assign them household chores so that you can work in peace. But it is not a given that they will be willing to do it. This is the gamble most of the parents take so that they have some peace while working from home. You can let them watch TV or Netflix all day so that they don’t bother you but you don’t want the movies, the cartoons and the web series to rot their brains, right? You can take advantage of technology and let them play some educational games on the phone. You can also play some board games with them so that they do not spend their time completely on screens. Here are some of the best educational games for kids in 2022 that will help them learn something and have fun simultaneously. 


Wordle is an online-based board game where players need to find as many words as possible on the 5×5 board on the screen. It is somewhat like a crossword puzzle but is also different in many ways. As it is a more modern version of crossword and that too you can play it on the phone, it has many modes kids can explore. Wordle can expand kids’ vocabulary and language skills. 


When we are talking about educational games no matter what year or age, chess should be on the list. It is one of the oldest board games that is still played by millions of people around the world. Chess is a very mentally stimulating and challenging game. Kids can learn a lot from chess. The first and foremost thing is dealing with win and lose. As kids play the game, they learn that there are consequences for their actions and they have to face them. Playing chess is a great way to improve concentration, creative and critical thinking, planning ahead and problem-solving skills. These are all the skills that are much needed in life. 

MECHANIX and Robotics Toys

Lego toys are some of the best toys a kid can play with. And if you add an extra layer of educational games and toys for kids to the Lego toys, you get robotics toys by MECHANIX and Blix. Robotics toys teach kids so much about physics, mathematics, design, engineering and programming. Robotics and Lego toys provide the foundation they need to get a proper STEAM education. As more and more schools are adapting to the new STEAM education curriculum, robotics toys can teach them the subjects that will be taught in schools beforehand and help them excel in school too. 


I am sure everyone has at least heard of sudoku. I mean, who doesn’t like a good puzzle game, right? Sudoku was originated in Japan and was spread across the world. Sudoku is typically played on a 9×9 with smaller 3×3 grids divided internally. Some numbers from 1 to 9 are randomly placed in the 9×9 grid. The objective of the game is to fill up the whole grid numbers from 0 to 9 without repeating the same number twice in the row, column and in the 3×3 grid where the number is present. Sudoku can improve concentration, help kids reduce stress and as the brain is constantly stimulated, the kids develop a healthy mind. Sudoku can also help kids develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking skills


Scrabble is a board game that can be played online and on a physical board. It is a word game where there are two to four players who take turns and place the tiles they are assigned on the board to get maximum points by making a valid word that is present in a dictionary of choice. Scrabble can be a lot of fun and can have a lot of competition. Kids develop good language skills and increase their vocabulary by putting down new words, challenging them and checking their meanings of them in the dictionary. 


Mahjong is a tile-based game that originated in China in the 19th century. Mahjong is a game to be played with skill and strategy with a little bit of luck. The traditional mahjong game has 114 tiles in total whit each tile having a Chinese character or a symbol on it. People are dealt 13 tiles each at the start of the game and the game goes on until one player forms four sts and a pair. There are many variations of Mahjong around the world with different rules. Mahjong helps kids with improving memorization skills and pattern recognition skills. Kids can improve their concentration, and it teaches them delayed gratification. Mahjong is a great game and kids and adults can bong while playing this game. 

Robotics toys and games that come with Blix Robotix can also help kids learn various skills and apply them in real life. By enrolling in one of our courses, kids will receive an exclusive robotics kit so that they can practise robotics at home. The instructors at Blix are very friendly and will be willing to help your kids with anything related to robotics. Kids will have a strong STEAM foundation so that they can pursue their dream careers.

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