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Let us raise a world full of happy and future-ready children through play.


Blix Education

We all want our children to have the best education, get the best degrees, find the best jobs, and settle down in life. The world is moving in another direction. Education prepares our children for the industry. However, most of the present-day jobs did not even exist 10 years ago. The future is moving even quicker.

College degrees help people find jobs. However, major corporations, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and even traditional companies, such as Home Depot and Hilton Hotels do not require new recruits to have college degrees anymore. What these trendsetters do now, will likely be the norm for a few years from now when our children today will be working toward making their dreams come true.

So, are we doing the right thing when we tell our children to focus on performing well in exams, get good grades, and go to college? While it is very important, focusing on developing skills that will help them excel in an uncertain future is far more critical for their success.

21st Century Skills


How students apply core skills to
everyday tasks.


How students approach
complex challenges.


How students approach their challenging environment.

* According to world economic forum


STEAM Education

The concept of STEAM education arose from this need to prepare our children for a world where the rules of the game have changed but the education system has not. The right thing we can do for our children today is to not assume that the same method of learning that we have experienced, will work for them.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. STEAM education unites these five disciplines together to create an integrated hands-on learning experience. This leads to much more depth in their understanding and knowledge. It instills curiosity and helps them develop creativity, cognitive and problem-solving. It is estimated that in the future 80 percent of the jobs are going to need STEAM skills.

Blix Robotix

Blix Robotix arose from the stables of Zephyr Toymakers Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest indigenous toy manufacturing companies. Zephyr owns brands, such as MECHANIX and RED Bus Toys and has also partnered with Disney and Oxford University in the past.

We noticed the need when we realized that there was a huge discrepancy between what the goal of the formal education system is and what truly the secrets of success in the 21st century are. Blix Robotix is committed to providing a child with the right tools, content, and challenging environment where real learning occurs. With more than 25 years of experience in the STEAM kits field and being one of the largest suppliers to robotics institutes, we used our experience to build the perfect offering that would excite a child in exploring their creativity and curiosity while having fun.

Technology is going to be a part of our future irrespective of the field of work we are in. Blix focuses on holistic learning that will be essential for any profession, whether one wants to be a teacher, accountant, chef, or even an entrepreneur. Through Blix, we develop a child’s interdisciplinary knowledge and help build a scientific temper and logical-based thinking.

However, do not let all this teaching talk fool you, we are very serious about joy. If there is no smile on children’s faces when they are playing with our sets, we consider it our failure because we believe that learning is fun!

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