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10 Steps for Extracurricular Activities to Help Your Child Find New Hobbies

The way children are raised has changed a lot in the last decade. Education is no longer just about learning to read, write, and think critically. Today, it’s also about learning how to solve problems, work with others and collaborate. It’s also about teaching children that they are unique individuals who can be whatever they want to be. That’s why extracurricular activities have become so important for parents looking for ways to help their children find new hobbies and explore their interests. These activities teach kids new skills that can help them both in school and later on, in life. These activities also help kids learn how to work as a part of a team or as an individual. Extracurricular activities are a great way for them to try out new things and find their passions—but it can be hard to know where to start. Here’s a list of 10 extracurricular activities that will help your child find new hobbies.

1. Art Classes

Every human being is an artist and art classes are an excellent way for children to explore their creativity. Painting classes aren’t just a fun way to get messy, they are also an opportunity for kids to learn how to express themselves without words. Signing up for one-on-one lessons can make learning fun and enganing for kids. Try signing your child up for music, art or dance lessons, kids love activities that allow them to practice on their own time and show off their skills. Painting is a hobby that young people can pick up at any age. And the best part? You can be bad at it and still have fun! Painting is a great way for your child to express himself/herself and bring his imagination to life, on a canvas.

2. Sports

Team sports teach kids how to work together with others toward a common goal, which is one of the most important lessons they can learn in life. There are many ways for kids to get involved in team sports, from joining organized leagues to simply playing games like basketball with their friends in the neighbourhood or at school. Sports are a great way to encourage teamwork, build strong muscles & bones and make new friends. Whether you are interested in baseball, football, basketball or something else entirely, there’s most likely a team for your child that he can join.

3. Karate 

Martial arts like karate offer many benefits for children, including teaching them discipline and focus, as well as helping them develop self-defence skills that can come in handy if they ever find themselves in danger. Martial arts are a fun way to get your kid involved in physical activity while also teaching them discipline and respect. Your child will learn how to defend themself if needed while improving his overall fitness level. However, martial arts classes can also be fun because students get to practice learning how to kick and punch each other.

4. Robotics

Robotics is a great way for kids to get involved in science and technology! This activity gives them hands-on experience with how computers work and how they can be used in everyday life. Robotics teaches valuable skills like problem-solving, coding knowledge and communication. Your kid will also have fun while learning all about technology in this hands-on class.

5. Musical Instruments

Learning a musical instrument is a great way to teach your child new skills, boost their self-esteem and even learn math! The study of music has been linked to improved math skills and learning an instrument helps develop fine motor skills too. Many parents think that music lessons are only for musically gifted children but music lessons are actually great for children of all ages and talents. Music lessons teach kids how to work hard and pursue something even if they aren’t good at it right away. Music lessons also help improve brain development which will help your child succeed in school and beyond school years. 

6. Yoga

Yoga helps children relieve stress and anxiety through physical activity. It’s also a great way for them to build strong muscles and improve their flexibility and balance. Yoga is a great activity for all ages, so whether your kid wants to become an Olympic gymnast or just get stronger on the playground, yoga could be the perfect option!

7. Theatre Club 

One activity that is especially beneficial for children is theatre. Theatre has so many positive impacts on young minds, including confidence-boosting, skills in public speaking and the development of social skills. Producing or participating in a play requires everyone involved to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. One must also be able to accept criticism from others in order to grow and improve their acting abilities. This teaches students how to deal with problems and handle stress effectively.

8. Debate

Another extracurricular that you should encourage your child to join is a debating society. Debating offers students an opportunity to consider both sides of an argument–an invaluable skill later in life when dealing with differences of opinion between peers or colleagues. Debating societies can teach your child the art of public speaking and how to craft an effective argument.

9. Dance

Dance is one of the most popular extracurricular activities for kids and teens. It’s also very important for children to have a strong foundation in dance since it helps them to grow artistically, build confidence, express themselves and is an excellent way for children to develop coordination skills and it can improve their physical and mental health as well.

10. Watching a Good Movie

A good movie will create awareness in kids and it will make them familiar with different cultures, languages and different histories around the world. A good story will tell kids that the world is just not black and white but grey. If the movies are good enough, they develop cognitive skills in kids too. While reading introduces new vocabulary, it is the movies that show the usage of the said vocabulary in the real world improving the kid’s communication skills.  The online robotics learning platform Blix Robotix offers courses for kids from ages 5 to 17. Here kids can learn robotics from scratch. The courses are designed in such a way that they will have an in-depth knowledge of the said topic. Blix also gives robotics kits for kids who enrol in their courses.

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