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10 Ways to Uplift Creative Thinking in Children

The Importance of Educational Toys in Early Years of Childhood

Creative thinking skills for students is one of the most essential skills to develop. Children are naturally creative thinkers because of the innate curiosity they have. With imagination and creativity, children can develop their social, physical, mental and emotional skills. Creative thinking can also help them to think critically and improve their problem-solving ability.

Many people think that creativity is something that one is born with and can’t be achieved through practice. It is not true. Creativity can be honed through practice and developed from childhood. These activities may include doodling, making up stories, or playing house. Let us explore 10 ways to improve your child’s creativity in this blog.

1. Encourage their interests

When we encourage and support the child’s interests, they are likely to be more indulged in the activities they are participating in. Getting to know their interests and encouraging them to explore them creatively can be a huge help in improving creative thinking skills for students.

2. Play with educational toys

Educational toys can help with creative thinking skills for students in many ways. Children by nature are very curious. When we can help them direct their curiosity and energy, they can be more creative and find creative ways to utilise their surrounding objects. 

3. Ask them questions for which they have to think

Asking open-ended questions and exposing them to stories with an open-end will force the kids to think of a conclusion which a simple yes or no question would fail to do. Creative thinking skills in students will also improve if they are given a chance to interpret the questions and stories as they wish. 

4. Clay modeling

Clay modeling can be a great way to instil creative thinking skills in children. When they are given a chance to showcase their creativity with play dough, especially in a competitive environment. You will be surprised at the creative capacity a child can display in this environment. 

5. Exploring outside

Going to a park or playing with friends on the streets or a playground can be a good motivator for improving creative thinking skills for students. When they are put in a competitive or a new environment, they can find creative ways to compete and explore new things.

6. Painting

Playing with colours can make a kids imagination run wild! Because the colours are attractive to the eye, they will absolutely go on a rampage with their colours. The painting will be a helpful and productive creative thinking skill for students when we show them a proper way to use colours. Surely, we don’t want them to paint all over the walls now, do we?

7. Teach them risk-taking

Children learn when they make mistakes, and mistakes only happen when they are allowed to take risks. Taking risks is only possible when they are allowed to approach a problem creatively. Creative thinking skills for students and risk-taking can convert their creativity to productive creativity.  

8. Learning an instrument

Learning a musical instrument can not only improve creative thinking skills for students but also help their logical thinking skills. Research has shown that students who learn a musical instrument do better at school compared to kids who do not participate in extracurricular activities. 

9. Encouraging them to have some free time

Having some time to yourself, leaning back and enjoying the thoughts that run in your mind can be a big booster for creative thinking skills for students. Teaching and guiding them to take out time for themselves can help them deal with the stress in the long run also.

10. Play a Sport

Playing a sport and dedicating themselves to getting good at that particular sport can boost creative thinking skills in students too. Studies have shown that kids who play a sport regularly are more attentive, bigger risk-takers have a knack to give creative solutions.

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