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10 Things Parents Can Do to Help Kids Get the Best Education at Home

Education today is different from what it used to be just two years ago. We also need to adapt to the new changes introduced in education to better accommodate the child’s needs and requirements. Due to the effect of the pandemic, parents are now needed to spend time with their kids to help them with their academics and extracurricular activities.  

In this blog, let us see 10 ways on how to educate children at home,

1. Get Involved in Their Academics

If we don’t know what our kids are learning at schools we can not help them. We can ask teachers to guide you through the subjects taught at school. Asking the kids about school will enable the communication gap between you and your kid and you can know their grasp on the subjects taught at school. It can also help with your involvement in their academics.

2. Monitor Their Screen Time

With the technology available today and the ease with which we can access the internet, kids can easily find themselves lost on the internet. It is important to monitor their screen time and the content they are consuming online. We can also find better, educational, and fun alternatives online which help them academically to steer them away from unwanted and unnecessary content.

3. Encourage Them to Read

Developing a reading habit can be a huge help for kids in the long run. They can start by reading children’s books and work their way up. Reading books doesn’t only improve their language skills but also makes them familiar with different cultures around the world. 

4. Teach Them to Work Independently

Being independent is one of the most important qualities to be successful in school. We can show them how to be independent by teaching them how to accomplish something necessary. Being independent makes them aware of what is going on around them and be responsible. This doesn’t mean that the kid should not ask for help if they are having trouble with something. Reading out loud can also help in improving language skills.

5. Encourage Active Learning

Active learning includes exploring interests, asking and answering questions, spending time with friends, participating in extracurricular activities at school. You can also take them to museums. Encourage active learning by encouraging them to ask questions, let them explore their interests. Active learning at home will help the kid’s participation in school.

6. Help Them With Their Homework

I know that we already have so much o going on in our lives and we don’t want to add another task of following up on our kid’s homework. Honestly, it does not take as much time as we think. Just asking them about homework and going through it barely takes 5 minutes. We need not be present when the kid is dining homework but we need to be able to help them when they come to us with any doubts. 

7. Ask Them What They Want to do After School

As important it is to go to school and have a proper education, what the kids do to pass the time is also very important. They can develop a hobby like playing an instrument, playing a sport, taking dancing lessons, etc. can be some of the activities. By developing a hobby in free time, your child can proudly say that they have an extra skill other than studying.

8. Allow Them to Fail

Kids can be very stubborn sometimes and only the consequences of their actions will teach them a lesson. So if your kid is too stubborn to not do homework, let him go out and play and suffer the consequences the next day. Kids won’t always understand the consequences of their actions so sometimes it is better for them to fail and learn from their mistakes rather than adults telling them what is right always.

9. Provide a Private Space For Them 

No matter how little or young your child is, a private space is very crucial for a child to develop a sense of independence, responsibility, and it provides a space for them to think freely without the feeling of being watched. Private space can be as simple as a designated study table or as big as their own room. 

10. Talk With Your Child

Talking and listening are very crucial in a child’s schooling. Encouraging them to talk and listen to the other person will enhance their communication skills drastically, your child will be more outspoken more often and will not shy away from asking for help. Kids who have trouble talking and listening often tend to have difficulty following directions, concentrate in class, have difficulty asking questions, and difficulty in making friends. Talking with your kid gives them an idea of how to communicate better and have better schooling. 

Do not forget to encourage them on their accomplishments and encourage them when they fail. These things may seem frivolous to us but they go a long way for a small kid trying to make their own identity in the world. This is one of the most crucial steps to homeschool success for your kid.


There are many more steps to homeschool success to get parents involved in their kid’s lives. Giving them a proper daily schedule, teaching them discipline, respecting others and self-respect are some of them. 

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