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10 Engaging Fun Learning Activities Kids Can Do at Home

When all the schools are closed shut due to the pandemic, little kids were just as much affected as adults. They lost the time they hand out with friends, they lost outside playing time, they are now beginning to lose their social skills and communication skills. As long as the schools are shut down and the pandemic is not over, they are not likely to get all these things back. Childhood years are some of the most important years in one’s life where one learns, explores and develops skills that are important throughout their life.

In most households, both parents will be busy with work on a regular basis and do not have enough time to spend it with their kids. As a result, kids do not have anything to do except attend classes on screen and pass the time on the phone. Being in front of the screen from morning to evening and the lack of physical activity can have adverse effects on the kid’s mind and body. Parents should find ways to engage kids in their home itself so that they do not lose touch with the skills they have developed consciously or subconsciously in school and by playing outside. Here are 10 engaging and fun learning activities your kids can do at home for better mental and physical health. 

1. Yoga

Doing yoga can positively impact both physical and mental health in kids and adults. The lack of physical exercise is a very concerning factor for a kid’s health. Practicing yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, helps with better digestion, boosts metabolism and is beneficial in maintaining a fit and healthy body. Yoga can be a fun learning activity if the kids are informed about the benefits of it while doing the yoga poses. 

2. Cooking

Cooking is one of the most useful and essential skills one should have. Asking for the help of kids when working in the kitchen can be full of fun learning activities and kids can learn cooking skills too. Many of us have started learning cooking after we went into lockdown but cooking is not a skill that is optional in life. So, by including the kids in the process of making dinner, you can teach them a thing or two and they will also have fun. 

3. Teach Them an Artform

Art may be painting, dancing, singing, clay modeling, building blocks, doodling. Enrolling them in an art class is like preparing them for a world where everyone has multiple talents and can choose any one of them and excel in it. Art can be for recreation too. If your kid is feeling down and wants to express his feelings or if your kid is feeling overly joyful, they can just grab a paper and paint something or write a poem. Learning art is extremely fun and beneficial for kids. 

4. Teach Them a Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument can be a very long process but if a kid loves an instrument, they will go to any lengths to perfect it. As learning a musical instrument is a long process, your kid can be busy for a longer time and dedicate themselves to perfecting a skill. Learning a musical instrument can be a fun learning activity because they can showcase their talent publicly and receive praises for learning a musical instrument. 

5. Backyard Science

DIY science experiments in your backyard or in the balcony can be an extremely fun learning activity and educational. Kids can practically see what they have studied in the textbooks and explore themselves. There are a plethora of DIY science experiments available online that you can perform with normal household items. Just make sure that someone is supervising while the kids are conducting these experiments to avoid any injury. 

6. Watch a Movie Together

A movie can be fun learning activity and educational too. You and your kids can come together for some family time and watch a movie that actually teaches something to the kids or a movie with a moral of the story. You can also them questions about the movie and let them think and answer. This will improve their observational skills and communication skills. There should not be a right or wrong answer to your question because then your kid will not have to think freely and apply their own brain to come up with an answer. You can put them in a moral dilemma or ask them questions like “why did the hero do this instead of that”, etc. Watching different movies will also expose your kids to different cultures and they will have a better understanding of the world.

7. Reading

One of the most cliched activities on this list, right? Maybe, but reading has a number of benefits for kids. Parents should encourage kids to read, especially this lockdown because they do not have any friends they can hang out with and books can be a substitute for their friends. Books can be your kid’s best friend. Reading can increase their vocabulary, spark their imagination, help maintain focus and improve their communication skills. Reading is a very good fun learning activity and a good hobby to have.

8. Gardening

Gardening is a very tiring activity but it can be a fun learning activity with some company. You can accompany your kids with gardening in your front yard, backyard or your balcony. Help them sow the seeds and tell them to water and observe it every day. It helps them understand the life cycle of plants like how they grow, where their food comes from, etc. Children can enjoy a lot by doing these kinds of fun learning activities. Their personality develops as they learn patience, gratitude and they’ll have a sense of responsibility towards the plants they are growing.

9. Household Chores

Teaching them household chores can be helpful for you and fun learning activities for your kids. You can integrate the household chores with some other activity, for example, you can tell them to count the number of potatoes while putting them on the shelf or to separate the groceries according to their colour. these activities make the kids enjoy what they are doing, help you out and learn essential skills in the process. 

10. Family Time

The last thing on this list is family time. Parents should find time to spend with their children. Children can feel isolated and left out if they think that you are not giving them enough time. You can play some board games, watch TV, spend an evening in the park or just read them a bedtime story. Even the smallest act can have a huge impact on their mental health. They will not feel isolated and will enjoy spending time with you. 

These are fun learning activities and teach kids many things. Education can also be fun with Blix Robotix. Online robotics learning platform makes sure your kids have fun and learn robotics at the same time. They also provide your kid with a robotics toy kit so that they can practice even after the class is finished. 


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